Giochi Uniti International

Giochi Uniti International

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Giochi Uniti International is the Giochi Uniti’s product line for the worldwide market. It includes all games branded as Stratelibri, such as Kingsburg and Letters From Whitechapel, and many more.
Stratelibri’s logo will remain on our games in the Italian market to distinguish original games from localized ones.

Giochi Uniti International – Our Story


Founded in 2006, over time Giochi Uniti has developed a wide international network, by collaborating with some of the most important international boardgame publishers, such as Kosmos and Fantasy Flight Games. It is widely famous at the international level to be the publisher of Kingsburg and Letters From Whitechapel, whilst at the Italian level it is distinguished by the localization of important titles such as Catan, Carcassonne, Talisman and Descent.

Giochi Uniti International – Our Mission

Many people played boardgames at least once in their life, although a dramatically smaller number of people tried more than three games. Our mission is to unlock boardgame potential to entertain and unite people worldwide, by creating boardgames to suit different players’ needs. From families to boardgames experts, from occasional to party gamers, boardgames are exactly what you need to have fun and play together.


We are constantly looking for new partners and authors to develop our games. We will attend to Essen Spiel 2019. You will be welcome to our booth (H2B 124).  We are looking forward to meeting you. Alternatively, feel free to contact us at

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