We have released a new tool to play Letters From Whitechapel Online!

Inspired by a fan’s idea, Giochi Uniti, along with Sir Chester Cobblepot, Gabriele Mari and Gianluca Santopietro, releases a tool to keep you hunting Jack in social distancing time!

Letters From Whitechapel Online

In this difficult time of quarantine and social distancing, Giochi Uniti wants to contribute to keeping people around the world playing.

The long-selling Letters From Whitechapel is a board game where Jack the Ripper is hunted by five investigators in Victorian London. The player whose role is Jack moves secretly on the map, whilst the investigators hunt him as a team through sharp deduction.

Our tool includes a high-quality map of the board, several yellow markers for clues, red makers for murders, Jack special movement cards, investigators and Jack’s token.

You can download the tool here in PPT, otherwise you can download it from the drive in the best format you need.



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