Giochi Uniti at EssenSpiel 2021

Giochi Uniti at EssenSpiel 2021

Giochi Uniti will attend the 2021 edition EssenSpiel from the 14th to 17th of October, at Hall 3, booth D110. Giochi Uniti is enthusiastic to engage the international community once again during the largest European exhibition dedicated to boardgame.

“The past two years have represented a great challenge for face-to-events. As our claim states, we believe gaming is sharing and physical presence is one of the most important added value of our boardgames” said Stefano De Carolis, international lead editor of Giochi Uniti. “We are glad to share emotions and fun again with our international community in a safe environment at EssenSpiel”


Giochi Uniti will release a new card game, Farmerstein, where mad scientists try to conquer the world assembling an army of mutant vegetables. Using a pool of mutagens to match their card colors, players will recruit a monsters’ army of vegetables to reach their goals and hamper opponents’ plans. To learn more about Farmerstein visit the page

Pathfinder Arena, the first-ever competitive board game set in Pathfinder world, will also be presented during the exhibition and players will have the opportunity to play games with the first prototypes. In Pathfinder Arena players will take the role of one iconic hero of Pathfinder to succeed in a challenge posed by an Entity called Arena. Using the tile-pushing system to modify the board at will, players will face dreadful monsters of Pathfinder world and will use them to attack each other to score victory points. Pathfinder Arena is a competitive game that is coming to Kickstarter in late November 2021.
To learn more about Pathfinder Arena visit the page Pathfinder Arena – Giochi Uniti International – Board & Miniature Games

Giochi Uniti will also present a new wargame for beginners, Defcon, that will release by summer 2022.
In a dystopic future, four mega-powers are contending to prevail on the international scene. In such a precarious balance,  powerful armies are as much important as international reputation.

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