Aye, Dark Godfather!

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After the huge success of Aye, Dark Overlord! We’ll make you… an offer you can’t refuse! Where is my money?!? A ruthless boss, ten shady characters eleven mysterious black leather’s bags, a lot of money. If you excuses won’t be quick and convincing you’ll get yourself a nice pair of concrete shoes and you’ll sleep with the fishes in the bay.

Aye, Dark Godfather is a quick and exciting party game that will take you to the fascinating and dangerous America of the ’20. Every player will play the part of one of the members of the “family” of the boss, from the wife to the accountant to the henchman; everyone has his agenda and a persona to protect… Will you be the one to be sentenced to death?

Components: 110 cards, 1 rulebook

SRP EUR 19,90 in Italy


  • Perfect for roleplaying enthusiasts, fun loving gamers and non-gamers. This is a very good “gateway game” to introduce new players to the hobby.
  • An Italian Mafia themed game from an Italian game publisher!
  • Focus on communication skills and player interaction.
  • From the award winning “Aye, Dark Overlord!”

Aye, Dark Godfather has been published in ITALIAN by Stratelibri. The product is SOLD OUT.

Aye, Dark Godfather is published in FRENCH by Edge Ent. You can order your FRENCH copy using this link.

Aye, Dark Godfather is published in SPANISH by Edge Ent. You can order your SPANISH copy using this link.

Aye, Dark Godfather is published in RUSSIAN by Hobby Games. You can order your RUSSIAN copy using this link.

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