Blue Max second edition

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Players: 2-6   Age: 12+   Time: 90′

Much like the gallant knights in jousting tournaments of yore, World War I fighter pilots engaged in a modern version of the medieval joust. Each aviator’s survival depended greatly on both his skill and the quality of his aircraft. World War I aviators were brave men who fought heroically in a tragic war.

Blue Max™ is a World War I aerial combat game for 2-6 players. Players divide into two teams and take on the role of pilots trying to shoot down the greatest number of enemy planes. The famous Philip Hall aerial combat game is back with new graphics and updated rules.

Components: 1 rulebook, 1 game board (with a map on each side), 6 player screens (3 per team), 18 maneuver charts, 18 plane cards, 144 small size cards, 3 punchboards with 168 cardboard pieces, 60 tracking sheets, 6 custom dice.

SRP USD nd / EUR 39,90


  • A game for all the family based on popular traditional games
  • A good game to introduce new players in the hobby and make family play together.
  • The different players role create a good interactive experience, while the secretly quotation system is particular adapted to the betting games lovers.
  • A good number of variant rules and options create a different experience of game for all the players.

Blue Max second edition will be published in ENGLISHFRENCH, GERMAN, JAPANESE, ITALIAN  and SPANISH. Blue Max will be published in ENGLISH by Stratelibri and distributed by Fantasy Flight Games.

Blue Max will be published in ITALIAN by Giochi Uniti. You can order your ITALIAN copy from this link.

Blue Max will be published in FRENCH by Edge Entertainment. You can pre-order your FRENCH copy from this link.

Blue Max is published in GERMAN by Heidelberger. You can order your GERMAN copy from this link. Blue Max will be published in SPANISH by Edge Entertainment. You can order your SPANISH copy from this link.

Blue Max will be published in JAPANESE by Hobby Japan. You can order your JAPANESE copy from this link.

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