Bookmaker is a party game about horse betting from 2 to 9 players for a different kind of family fun. The players during the game decide a race program, one for each player at least. During the race program players will be the bookmakers or the betters to earn money and win the game. Every turn is divided in two phases: the bidding and the race phase. The players decide for every race who are the bookmakers, two for every race. The cards in the game are divided in different colors, to make the horses run faster. Each player knows his own four cards and the four cards discovered on the table. Considering these informations, the players should decide on which horse bet and, in the same time, the two bookmakers, secretly, decide the quotations for the horses. During the race program the betters can ask a credit to the bank to spend and win more money, unfortunately, at the end, they will be forced to give the money back to the bank with interests! Components: 82 race cards, 4 wooden horses, 480 banknotes, 16 wooden tokens, 2 wager pads, odds boards, markers and pencils SRP USD 35.00 / EUR 29.90

2-9 players

Age 12+

Time 20′


  • A game for all the family based on popular traditional games
  • A good game to introduce new players in the hobby and make family play together.
  • The different players role create a good interactive experience, while the secretly quotation system is particular adapted to the betting games lovers.
  • A good number of variant rules and options create a different experience of game for all the players.

Bookmaker is published in ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN and SPANISH by Giochi Uniti/Stratelibri. You can order your copy sending an email to

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