Dungeon Heroes Manager

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Players: 2-6   Age: 10+   Time: 60′ – 90′

Dungeons are places full of treasures and someone came back from them cover of glory, gems and gold nuggets. However more are the ones who died inside! You are obviously tempted by the chance of getting richer, but you don’t want to be the one who will not see the sun again… Luckily there are always many idiots lingering in inns that you can trick by promising glory and money, brave heroes ready to enter the deep caves occupied by terrible monsters and not to come come back full of treasures.

In this game you are sponsors of “Dungeon cleaning operations” in the kingdom. Thanks to public funds (you obviously don’t want to risk your own money, isn’t it), you will hire cannon fodder brave heroes in the local inns, equip and train them and send them towards castles and caves to be looted cleaned up of dangerous monsers, in order to get richer shamelessly assure the quite of the locals.

But attention Dungeon Heroes Manager is a game where the richest and not the bravest hero will win!


  • 1 game board
  • 10 colored dice
  • 30 heroes cards
  • 45 monsters and traps cards
  • 36 equipment cards
  • 18 magic item cards
  • 60 coin tokens
  • 6 wodden pawns
  • 1 punchboard
  • 2 summury rule tables
  • 1 rulebook
  • 6 white dice
  • 10 tragic demise cards

Dungeon Heroes Manager is published in ENGLISH by Giochi Uniti/Stratelibri. You can order your ENGLISH copy sending an email to info@giochiunitiinternational.com

Dungeon Heroes Manager is published in ITALIAN by Giochi Uniti. You can order your ITALIAN copy by this link.

Italian download

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English download

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