Dungeon Venture

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Players: 2-5   Age: 8+   Time: 60′

You stand before velkan the White, the world’s most powerful archmage. “Welcome, heroes” he says. “You have been chosen to defend the weak and to battle the darkness. You now serve the forces of the Light!” Dungeon Venture for short, is a fast, simple game of dungeon adventuring, where brave  heroes undergo a quest to foil the schemes of the Evil Keeper.

During the game one of the players will be the Evil Keeper and will try to defeat the other players using their Heroes. To win, the Heroes, by their spells and powerful equipments, must destroy the Boss and all the Monsters in the dungeon. If they fail, the Evil Keeper wins.

The objectives and conditions of victory are different for every Quest. It’s possible to play the Campaign mode to have longer and more exciting games.

Components: 1 rules booklet, 1 adventure booklet with 10 quests, 4 hero sheets, 1 Evil Keeper Screen, 10 punchboards with: 6 game tiles, 20 traps counters (4 concealed pits, 4 falling blocks, 8 firing darts, 2 altars), 40 skull counters, 4 hero counters (1 Fighter, 1 Barbarian, 1 Thief, 1 Wizard); 4 essences; 16 doors (8 open and 8 closed); 52 monsters counters (16 Kobolds, 4 Ogres, 12 Skeletons, 8 Orcs, 12 Zombies); 3 Boss counters (1 Evil Mage, 1 Death Knight, 1 Chaos Fighter); 16 counter furniture (4 tables, 2 bookshelves, 4 tombs, 4 chests); 31 cards (14 event cards, 5 monster cards, 4 hero initiative cards, 8 monster initiative cards; 77 small cards (21 spell cards, 30 expendable cards, 10 equipment cards, 8 Evil Keeper spell cards, 8 Evil Keeper expendable cards; 19 special dice (9 green, 5 blue and 5 red) and 30 plastic bases for the counters.

SRP USD 49.90 / EUR 42.00


  • A funny game for all the family with arts and components studied to have a game session in a very short time.
  • A good game to introduce new players in the hobby.
  • The cooperative game will help younger players to learn all the basics rules quickly and have fun from the beginning of the game.
  • The different quests inside the box and the campaign mode will improve the difficulty level of the game for every kind of player.

Dungeon Venture is published in ENGLISH by Giochi Uniti/Stratelibri. You can order your ENGLISH copy sending an email to info@giochiunitiinternational.com

Dungeon Venture is published in ITALIAN by Giochi Uniti. You can order your ITALIAN copy by this link.

  • Download link for Italian or English rules booklet

  • Link to English FAQ’s and Errata

Italian download

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English download

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