Kingsburg Roll&Write


Players: 2-5   Age: 10+   Playing Time: 15′-40′

Kingsburg Roll&Write is a fast game based on Kingsburg background.

In the realm of Kingsburg, King Tritus has sent his best vassals to border counties recently conquered. You have the duty to build and manage a castle in the name of your King. Nevertheless you do not stand alone: wise King’s advisors and threatening opponents will be on your path.

The charming Kingsburg atmosphere will be upon you, while a smart rolling phase, combined with a thoughtful building one, will lead you through either the fall or prosperity of your castle.

Kingsburg Roll&Write Components


1 Governor’s sheet block

1 King’s Court sheet

5 Reroll tokens

5 Hourglass tokens

5 Crown tokens

10 Generic resource tokens

5 White dices
1 Yellow dice

1 Rulebook

Italian download

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English download

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