Kingsburg Roll&Write

Kingsburg Roll&Write

Kingsburg Roll&Write is a fast game based on Kingsburg background.

Players: 2-5
Age: 10+
Playing Time: 15′-40′

In the realm of Kingsburg, King Tritus has sent his best vassals to border counties recently conquered. You have the duty to build and manage a castle in the name of your King. Nevertheless you do not stand alone: wise King’s advisors and threatening opponents will be on your path.

The charming Kingsburg atmosphere will be upon you, while a smart rolling phase, combined with a thoughtful building one, will lead you through either the fall or prosperity of your castle.

Kingsburg Roll&Write Components


1 Governor’s sheet block

1 King’s Court sheet

5 Reroll tokens

5 Hourglass tokens

5 Crown tokens

10 Generic resource tokens

5 White dices
1 Yellow dice

1 Rulebook



Posted on

4 Ottobre 2019