Kingsport Festival

In the unimaginable darkness of Kingsport, in the shoes of silent wanderers, you’re called for a profane celebration, to summon an unthinkable horror. A threat neither of this world, nor another, but from crazy spaces among the stars: a threat that needs your subjection. Unwary investigators will try to stop this dreadful chapter of Lovecraft’s story. In the shoes of evil cultist you must let your cult excel, worshiping the Great Ones and receiving “gifts”, preserving your sanity and killing the investigators who’ll try to stop you. This time you’re the evil ones: then why choose the lesser evil? That is the Kinsgburg game in the H.P.Lovecraft’s world.

3-5 players

Age 13+

Time 90′


  • 1 game board
  • 20 Gods sheets
  • 1 punchboard
  • 110 cards
  • 75 wooden houses
  • 65 wooden cubes
  • 15 wooden colored dices

Kingsport Festival is published in ENGLISH by Giochi Uniti/Stratelibri. You can order your ENGLISH copy sending an email to

Kingsport Festival is published in ITALIAN by Giochi Uniti. You can order your ITALIAN copy by this link.

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