Play 2016

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The eighth edition of PLAY, the games festival held in Modena, Italy, takes place on April 2 and 3, 2016: two days of pure entertainment, with games and activities for all ages.
Some of the most important changes for 2016 include a new covered area of over 450 square meters entirely dedicated to board games, with an area reserved for Historical Board Games and tables for the Game of the Year prize.

This year’s event will also feature a full-on dungeon for the first time, located between pavilion A and pavilion C – you will be able to dress up as heroic and courageous characters and complete an exciting adventure inside a terrifying cavern.

Giochi Uniti will be there for the whole weekend of April 2 and 3 – we will be waiting for you at our stand, where you will be able to try out our titles at the demo tables and participate in the maxi-tournaments for X-Wing, Android: Netrunner LCG, Warhammer: Conquest LCG, Armada and Star Wars LCG.