Citizens of R’yan!

We all know Emperor Flaut III. is a mere puppet of his “counsellor“ Margoth!

Not only do they oppress us all for their personal gain with the help of their atrocious troops, but now it was decreed all Apparats have to gather at the palace and work exclusively for the Emperor!

Obviously Margoth wants to reconstruct them for evil purposes.

People of R’yan! Alchemists as well as Beggars, Students as well as the City Guard, whether naturally born or ensouled by some Alchemist spark: only together we can overcome the tyranny and ensure that we all can live freely once again in Víndoban!

Down with Flaut III. and his puppeteer! The Revolutionary Council Pamphlets such as this, daily demonstrations, back room conspiratorial meetings – the people in R’yan’s capital Víndoban revolt against Emperor Flaut III. But, as usual, conflicts stir even within the revolutionary movement.

Five revolutionary factions arise, each with its own agenda, and it is obvious: Only the faction that fights the hardest, gaining the most influence over weeks and months, will define the revolutionary events and ultimately lead R’ayn into a better future.

If only traitors did not constantly seek to sabatoge the revolt, it would be easy! But they too have their reasons…

3-5 players

Age 16+

Time 45'-60′

Revolution is published in ENGLISH by Giochi Uniti/Stratelibri. You can order your ENGLISH copy sending an email to

Revolution is published in ITALIAN by Giochi Uniti. You can order your ITALIAN copy by this link.

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