Noble families fight for the throne, charming smiles and back-stabbing are a daily business. It is a dangerous and also very difficult job to be at the helm of these people. Since peace never lasts long, your glory will probably soon pass. Nevertheless, your thirst for power is unquenchable. Will you wear the crown?


Players: 3-6    Time: 20′   Age: 10+

Smiles & Daggers™ is based on one of the most famous dilemmas of Game Theory. The term counter-competition, a neologism invented by the authors, describes the main mechanic of the game. It is a competitive game where victory is more achievable through cooperation, but there can only be
one winner. In other words, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer!

The Lady kills the Knight, the Lord kills the lady but get killed by Knights. You have to choose one card to put face down in front of you. Your opponent will do the same, whilst other players are betting on the outcome. Each card has two sides: one smiling that give you money, the other kills (if possible) the opponent.

Which side will you choose? And most importantly, which one is under your opponent’s card?


  • The rulebook
  • 36 cards (each of the six families includes 1 Lord , 2
    Ladies and 3 Knights
  • 1 punchboard that includes: 49 Gold coins
    and the Smiles&Daggers tile.

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30 Luglio 2020